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Slender: Russian Mistake

Download info

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A little bit of story

It's 2006 and you are journalist looking for story that will make him famous. You stumble upon news article from Russia that says about park that has been possesed with ghost. You don't have much trust in it, but something tells it will change your life.

You go to the town acricle was talking about. It's pretty usual partially abadoned city built during USSR era. Except for park on the edge of the town that was empty for nearly 60 years,  even constuction site near that park is empty, nothing has been touched for so many years. Something tells you, you are not the first one to invesigate this story


Gameplay is very simple: 

  • Collect 8 notes without beeing caught by mysterious figure wathing you


WASD - to move around 

MOUSE - to look around

E - To Interact with objects(due to issues with meshes interacting doesn't always regeister so try doing it few times)


F - Toggle FlashLight


Considering prototype state of project is prone to be changed

Updated 21 days ago
Published 27 days ago
TagsHorror, Survival Horror

Install instructions

  1. Download ZIP file
  2. Extract it somewhere 
  3. go to WindowsNoEditor folder
  4. Open Slender.exe
  5. Enjoy!


Slender:Russian Mistake Concept Demo version 1


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With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!


Thank YOU for playing

BTW,  i assume you didn't figure out how to pick up notes or either you did, but Unreal's not perfect LineTracing didn't allow you to use it(either way it wasn't your fault)

But, what i'm trying to say is that

  1. You need to pick up notes(those rectanqular objects, like one on the Abadoned trailer) using E button
  2. There will be update with new chapter, that will act as tutorial(date is sandly unknown ,because it's more of the hobby project)